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The mother
             turned sister,
the ‘good girl’
                  turned hard.
    one who was loved,
but turned
             to one scorned.
    who hadn't learned,
        the ill-prepared.
    the world is known,
to the little girl
              who cared.
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Who are you?
Who are you,
To say that I’m pretty?
Who are you,
To say that I’m beautiful?
Who have never witnessed
My raging outbursts.
Who have never seen
me cry in heartbreak and rage.
Who have only seen
The mask I wear every day.
So please,
Tell me again
What about me is so pretty;
What about me is so beautiful.
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Family: An observation
    To be in possession of a family, nay; to be intertwined within a loving family is a human’s most innate wish. Whether the creature realizes it or not, that yearning is there, deep within itself aiming to guide the poor brute in the direction a true family is most readily available. In most cases, the impatient creature ignores the natural instincts, takes matters into his own hands and tries to force together a group of individuals that would sooner sell their souls to Hades before uniting as a family. Only after much toil, and failure, does he give up the constant assault upon those around him and finally lets nature do her work that she was meant to do; aligning him with those who, in time, become so valuable to his poor heart that even their lack of presence leaves a void within him that cannot be filled. Thus the human creature realizes he has found his family.
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“You don’t trust.”
“I said, you don’t trust. You don’t let anybody in.”
“So? What does it matter to you?”
"You're afraid to open yourself that deep."
“My heart’s been broken too many times, I probably won’t ever love.”
“That's a harsh verdict."
"It is what it is."
"But you wish, deep down, you do wish for someone?"
"Of course, but-"
"So why banish all hope of having that someday?"
"Because someday it will be over, either he will leave me for a girl whose skinny, tan, and drop-dead gorgeous, or he will die or he will turn on me."
"So why put my already battered heart thorough that heartache?"
"Because it's worth it."
"Except you don't know that it's worth it, not yet anyway.."
“Better to be safe than sorry.”
“Its also very lonely..”
“I’ll get used to it.”
"Perhaps. But you will regret it."
"Yeah well I'm not sure I even know how to
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Home by BlueEire Home :iconblueeire:BlueEire 2 2 Dcfc0230-Warm Winter Day by BlueEire Dcfc0230-Warm Winter Day :iconblueeire:BlueEire 1 0 1 by BlueEire 1 :iconblueeire:BlueEire 1 4 Dcfc0183-Hands of the Child by BlueEire Dcfc0183-Hands of the Child :iconblueeire:BlueEire 0 0 Dcfc0092-Past Ghost by BlueEire Dcfc0092-Past Ghost :iconblueeire:BlueEire 1 0 Dcfc0073-Country Winter Road by BlueEire Dcfc0073-Country Winter Road :iconblueeire:BlueEire 2 0
Answer to Prompt:Revised
   I live in a dream, where everything seems to be, yet nothing is.
Darkness is light, and light is foolish belief.
I live for the day, I live for the night, and all the stars in between the dusk and dawn.
I live in a world, that is cruel and cold; Snatching away all joy, drowning out the light.
I live for the passion, of everyday things, I live to be a star in these darkening surroundings.
I live to show I am not afraid, of the darkness I am engulfed in, to show that the world someday will be clear and bright,  full of hope and light.
I live to take a stand; against the evils of this world, to show I am something more than a mere human.
I live to set people free, to show them all that they could be.
I live to be a hero, in a city of criminals.
I live to take my place among the stars, with people of legend and grace.
This me, this is what I am living for.
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BITCH MODE by BlueEire BITCH MODE :iconblueeire:BlueEire 0 0
To Fight
I don’t know what to think,
I don’t know what to do,
so I’ll just sit here
and tell this to you.
I think it’s stupid
how weary people get,
no matter who it affects.
I think it’s dumb
how incredibly numb
I have to get in order to survive.
I’m not sure that you love me,
I’m not sure at all,
but I am your daughter
after all.
I know he hates me,
he knows I hate him,
so why make us sit here
when we all know where we’ve been.
It’s not that I don’t love you,
cause really I do,
I just don’t know if I can stand
this hell anymore.
I’ve had thoughts of suicide,
I know that’s not great.
I’ve held the knife in my hand,
though I’ve never known
what start to take.
Everyone around me,
is tired of this life;
so why not set an example,
and end my own life?
perhaps its because I’ve fought
for too much of my life,
or because God
sees something in me
that not even I can see.
I’m not perfect,
and I don
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The only one
One last kiss he said
To make it alright
One last kiss she said
To disappear tonight
One last touch
As two lovers meet
One last caress
As he starts to fade
One last phrase he says
I’ll love you for all of time
One last thing she says
I’ll wait for you till the end of time
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Baby gift idea2 by BlueEire Baby gift idea2 :iconblueeire:BlueEire 0 2 Baby gift idea by BlueEire Baby gift idea :iconblueeire:BlueEire 0 0


The Pianist by Elena-Ciolacu The Pianist :iconelena-ciolacu:Elena-Ciolacu 54 10 Jim by WisesnailArt Jim :iconwisesnailart:WisesnailArt 638 53 Geometric Deer and Fox by Tsairi Geometric Deer and Fox :icontsairi:Tsairi 166 9 Doodlin' by equify Doodlin' :iconequify:equify 5 14 Lion by sandara Lion :iconsandara:sandara 8,232 279
It's not hatred, it's incredulity.
when i was ten years old my
teacher asked the class,
"if you were god, what would
you change?"
and i remember
biting my lip so hard
that it bled. carefully,
i wrote about
how i would teach
kids from an early age on how to
love yourself and no one
else and that there is no such thing as
an almighty power that will pity
you and answer your desperate prayers
at three a.m. because you're the only one
who has that kind of control.
when i handed it in she just looked
at me like i was the
monsters under
her child's bed. the next day i
was sitting in her office wondering
why it was so wrong to
talk about what's in your heart at a catholic
school when that's what the priest tells
you to do at every sunday mass and
the teacher asked me
another question, "do you
hate god?" and i
wanted to scream "yes, yes!" because
how can a god let the world
slip through their fingers like this one has?
but instead i answered,
"no. i just don't think there is one."
and sat in the chair,
staring at the cross on t
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How to love a girl who can't love herself.
    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.
    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.
     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
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DANCE by UVER DANCE :iconuver:UVER 882 78 Black Butler Sebastian by mystreygirl Black Butler Sebastian :iconmystreygirl:mystreygirl 296 104 Phantomhive Butler by catgirl3157 Phantomhive Butler :iconcatgirl3157:catgirl3157 565 99 Draconian War Mage by Zasalamell Draconian War Mage :iconzasalamell:Zasalamell 2,804 88 Loki Poster by Kelsi-sama Loki Poster :iconkelsi-sama:Kelsi-sama 7 2 Love is... Pure (pt. 2) by hjstory Love is... Pure (pt. 2) :iconhjstory:hjstory 291 3
The Danger of Untold Stories
I believe in words. I believe in voices, the unique cries of human beings as they pour their soul out into the sky. But most of all, I believe in stories.
Stories, be they written or spoken or painted onto the walls of caves, reaffirm our humanity. They give us back our own heartbeat, that dull pulse of blood, but more than that they give us our minds. They let us reach back and see where we’ve been, what we felt, what we believed. They form a mirror, let us see who we are, who we were.
And I believe that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard. But more and more I’m seeing that only some stories get told. You have books for children fully admitting that people have different bodies…but where is the admission of different minds? Why do no main characters have mental illness, or attention deficit, autism or dyslexia? Where are the movies about synesthetes, those with OCD, those battling depression?
This is not just a problem of children’s literature, it e
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colourlightning by SchatzIna colourlightning :iconschatzina:SchatzIna 121 16 WARPAINT by DestinyBlue WARPAINT :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,477 821


I don't believe in fairy tales

For they never seem to come true

I'm not as beautiful as Snow

So Prince Charming hasn't shown

I'm not a warrior like Mulan

So I have not brought my family honor

I never made a deal with Hades

For I never met anyone who would lead me to

I've never lost my voice to a sea witch

Because I know what it's like on land

I don't believe in fairy tales

Because I've never met anyone

Who made them true


*ok, yeah I know its crap... still, comments and critiques are welcome!

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